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 Ashelia Maiko

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PostSubject: Ashelia Maiko   Tue May 19, 2009 11:17 am

Ashelia is buried in the graveyard with a tombstone with the words inscribed;
'RIP pureblood vamp
Ashelia Maiko'

Full Name: Ashelia Maiko

Nick Name: Ashe

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: A vampire

Appearance: Tall, black/ red hair. Wears whats comfortable. Black tops preferably with silver patterns on them.Skinny jeans Overloaded with chains and wears a long black leather jacket.

Personality: Very violent. She's the top of the popularity chain at this school but she's of no importence to the running of it as she is just a normal student. She has the personality of a 'fire dragon' . See here .

Bio: She has dismissive parents that dissaproved of her powers. She is a vampire with limitless skills and was sent to this school because she was so unruly. She got in to a lot of fight when out in the 'real' world and couldnt control her temper as it always got the better of her. When she lived at home she had a childhood friend 'Darcy' and always treated her like a sister sticking up for her and looking after her when her parents died when she was at an early age. Ashelia has a troubled past that no-one knows and she's not planning on telling anyone anytime soon.

Now that Ashelia has attended this school she has an electric shocker attatched to her wrist so if her temper overloads she will get an electric current volted into her that leaves her paralized.

Abilities/ powers:

1.) Ashe has mastered the power of fire. She is able to create power from her own hands and fire it at an enemy, melting and destroying anything in her path. When fighting she can use this every 3 posts.

2.) She practiced a range of kung fu fighting styles such as 'Wing Chun' 'Hung Gar ' 'Choy Li Fut' all from southern China. She is a very skilled fighter.

3.) Ashe is learning how to control her anger manipulating the shocker on her wrist. Sometimes this can lead to overload of powers and also sending electric sparks through the air damaging herself and her opponent. (this could also happen during her fire blast which may leave both participants KO'D)
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Ashelia Maiko
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