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 Eros ~Done~

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PostSubject: Eros ~Done~   Wed May 27, 2009 5:51 pm

Eros Barentain
Pureblood Vampire

Is typically rude and blatantly blunt, preferring to be alone than with company, and as a result is described as high-strung. He has, in addition, been described as empathetic by others.
He acts upon logic and thinks from a cynical viewpoint, putting the feelings or circumstances of others aside if it benefits the task at hand and making suggestings not to help others even if they're an ally if it hinders him or the task at hand. Added to this is that Eros is quite masochistic getting an orgasmic satisfaction from inficting pain on others physical or mental and in turn enjoys recieving pain, letting himself at times be hurt by his own will just to know how it feels. A personality trait gained from the ideal of seeing pain as one of the most prominent human emotions and, in feeling pain making Eros human in his own twisted way.

Eros is also very ambitous
having the mentality of doing anything needed to fufill his goals even if means bribing someone, manipulating others or betraying an ally. Eros would rather have someone else do his bidding for him as he finds it more enjoyable for himself. His most dominant trait is that Eros is excellent in manipulating others with lies and hiding his true intentions from them putting up a facade of being kind and gentle to others to hide his true nature. Extremely greedy as well Eros will lie, cheat and, steal to get what he desires making him an untrustable person.Even with all his negative traits Eros is not evil not wanting to kill humans but would still rather not coincide with them.

In battle, he is able
to stay relatively calm in most situations and carefully look at the situation at hand. When forced to make difficult decisions he would show himself able to make one with insightful judgement, through keen observation and analyzing. This will allow him to almost be able to immediately determine an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses

Born a vampire no less a pureblood vampire family, the highest rank of vampire. Eros grew to be what a "normal" pureblood's life would be. He was adored by others at a young age
and being a signle child increased his value. Eros' life was peacful for the most part brief instances of chaos happening like escaping an assassination by a vampire hunter, where Eros never truly saw the hunter for himself as the attacker would have been killed off long before they reached Eros. All this shattered however Eros now in his early teens had left his home for a stroll to see the town where he had just moved with his parents. To Eros' dismay when he returned to his mansion he found his family lying dead and the house in ruin.

This event changed Eros permanently for the worse blaming humans for the deaths of his parents seeing them as the only things having the motive to do such a thing. The young vampire came to hate humans and began to kill humans if he felt like it. This slowly earned Eros quite a reputation by hunters which saw him as serious threat to humanity. Not caring for the danger he was making for himself Eros can be se said had baited the hunters into pursuing him. As he was confident that they would fail in killing him. The vampire saw it as a game for which he could never lose.

Over the years Eros became feared by
all even other vampires. The other vampires saw him as trouble being a pureblood seeking vengeance may result in a war between humans and vampires. It wasn't long that a group of vampires planned the death of Eros. Making a deal with hunters that they will help trap Eros so he may be killed. Their plan almost succeeded but Eros managed to survive badly injured but he was able to escape.

Eros passed out from blood loss and when he awoke he found himself in
a bed he did not know. The vampire was rescued by a human, a blind female human to add. She not knowing that Eros was a vampire saved him and wrapped his wounds. The woman was kind and beautiful not fearing Eros since she did not know what Eros truly was. This kindness confused Eros not feeling the kindness of someone else since his family had been killed. This event changed Eros a bit not longing to kill like he did in the pass. Eros left the womans house after a few days thanking her for what she had did and began to travel the world living his eternal life.

Basic Vampire Powers~

Addictive Bite: When his fangs sink into someone’s skin, it causes orgasmic rapture to flood them, a heavily addictive pleasure that is extremely intense it is so powerful that the people who get bitten become easily addicted to being bitten by Eros. This bite can be called a drug as the people bitten will ask to be bitten over and over again to feel the pleasurable sensation of Eros' bite. Eros can use a persons addiction to his bite as a way to get what he wants using his bite as the prize for doing his task. What makes this ability more dangerous is that it works on other vampires as well. This power is the reason for Eros' nickname
"the pleasurable death". Heighten Emotions: More of a continuation of his addictive bite power Eros is able to heighten the emotions of someone he's bitten in the pass, being able to change a persons emotion from anger to rage making the person into a murderous killer, sadness to depression possibly forcing the person into commiting suicide and so on.

Trance: With direct eye contact, Eros can mesmerize a human or a fellow Vampire, hypnotizing them. This can keep the human or vampire in a temporary stasis. A person while "tranced" by Eros is under the control of Eros' will. Doing anything he beckons. The tranced person will not notice what they're doing while they're in this state, being more in a almost unbreakable daydream. Once Eros releases the person from his trance said person will be left with temporary short term memory loss, not remembering her or his meeting with Eros or anything they did while or before being tranced for a short period of time. Eros may do this on one person at a time, not in the way of just being able to do it on one person and then needing to release that trance to perform another trance on a different person but in the way that he needs to
trance people one by one. Trance Flash: More of a skill then an actual ability the trance flash is derived from Eros' trance power. Through direct eye-contact or the mere presence of Eros. The vampire can capture the mind of his target keeping them in a hypnotized state, where they're not aware of the things around them. While doing this Eros will seem as if he is disappearing or moving great distances in an instant. The truth is that trance flash is in reality causing the target to lose track of Eros and in turn creates the illusion of him disappearing or moving great distance in an instant. Eros is able to this on multiple people unlike his Trance ability. Trance Sound: This ability is a higher level of Eros' normal trance however unlike the trance where eye contact is needed to perform. Eros can perform the trance by using his voice. To the target the voie will be warm and very soothing making extremely difficult to withstand because of it. This ability also allows Eros to perform it on multiple people at once. Trance sound has the same effects as Eros' Trance ability.

Object manifestation: This power allows Eros to create seemingly out of nowehere different forms of objects. Ranging from a sword to a mansion. The objects made have physical substance and will react[ to the enviroment the same way a regular object of it's kind would. Meaning if the object is a sword it will cut like a sword if it's a shield it will block things like a shield would. The objects are usually a pitch black color and an evilness radiates from them. Eros has the ability to manipulate the objects telepathically.

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PostSubject: Re: Eros ~Done~   Wed May 27, 2009 6:16 pm

And you did it all in different colour lol

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Eros ~Done~
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