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 Phoenix Dahana (Editted)

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Phoenix Dahana

Phoenix Dahana

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PostSubject: Phoenix Dahana (Editted)   Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:38 pm

I simply want to delete my old application, because my characters the same, just with higher detail and a few changes ^^ if thats okay~


Name: Phoenix Dahana (Middle Name: Hikari)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire crossed dragon

Appearance: Partially built but thin. Her clothes consist of tight leather pants, a long sleeve fishnet, black in color with a dark purple tank top over it. Both shirts cut off just abover her naval and the purple top has black and silver lining the straps and bottom. A crescent moon adorns the front. Her jeans have dark silver dragons threaded into the sides to snake down her long, thin legs. She wears a pair of black fingerless gloves with the same cresent moon on the back. Ankle high boots form her feet with black leather.

At times, she will take another appearance. She can expell two massive silver and black wings from her back. velvet to the touch and heavily muscled to help actual flight. Her eyes will turn a milky white with golden slitted pupils. Nails and canines grow out to sharp fangs and claws.

Her second form is rare though, and she doesn't want to use it and scare away who she cares for.

Her hair is a very dark brown, near black, with a mix of gold streaks that runs down her back to her thighs. Usually always tied back in a black silk ribbon. Eyes are a vivid hazel of forest green and dark gold that line the outside of her slitted pupils. Her skin is a deep pale and takes a marble like texture to the touch. Cold and smooth. The only mark visible on her skin is a small scar on the farthest side of her right cheek.

Personality: Phoenix is usually kind to most people. Truthfully, she looks like she'd belong to the group that thinks their best, but she avoids them instead. She enjoys making peple feel better about themselves and making sure they'll do okay. She defends herself often as well though. People who she trusts most, lets her show a more soft outlook and care towards her choice friends. She's shy around some people as well, but only if she feels frightened of losing somebody.

Bio: Treated like an outcast since birth, Phoenix was supposedly a normal vampire. All that seemed wrong was that she didn't like to spend time with popular kids, even when given an obvious invitation. And she might have had a slight obsession with mythical creatures, mainly dragons. The fact being that she was actually half dragon, and managed to hide it from her parents. She tried her best to make her family see why she didn't act normal, until an accident had her entire family killed. A seemingly normal car crash that rolled their car into a large ditch. Left in a daze at age 13, Phoenix was pulled from the car by an unknown person before it spontaniously combusted. She lost most of her past memories in the process.

Along the time, she learned that her thirst for blood was never sated long enough to do good. Normal people she didn't know would cast a brief relief, before her thirst would be back again and hour or two later. Along the time, she became interested in a boy, who offered to let Phoenix drink from him, with an interesting result after she finally agreed off of his stubborn want to help her.

Her thirst, was stated, for a good number of weeks. But both had felt deeply happy after she had drank his blood. They didn't stop easily. Only when her boyfriend suddenly attacke dher and nearly killed her, did she start trying to ignore her thirst completely. Causing her to leave her home town.

She learned on her own until she heard about a new school. She didn't want to go near it for a while before deciding to visit. Soon enough, feeling alone long enough, she joined the school.
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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Dahana (Editted)   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:35 pm

Sure thats fine. ^^ . Accepted . ~Ashe

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Phoenix Dahana (Editted)
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