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 new character Allen Belmont

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PostSubject: new character Allen Belmont   Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:39 pm

Name: Allen Belmont

Age: 23 years old

Race: Vampire Hunter (Human)

Appearence: has a black with a little gray short hair, has a cold dark brown eyes, he is 5ft'2 216 Pounds got a scar in his forehead.
wears a dark blue jeans and black boots and black shirt and a fingerless glove in his right hand and wears a white long coat
Personality: cold, thinks about his friends before himself, doesn't kill the weak enemies

Other information: his family were killed by a vampire called asterck krory when he was 5 years old, so he lived with his uncle Richter Belmont who used to be a vampire hunter. Richter Belmont tought Allen everything he needs to know to become a strong Vampire hunter. and when Allen became 20 years old. Richter Belmont Gave Allen the Belmonts whip (Vampire killer) it is a special whip only the one's who carries the Belmont blood can use it. if any normal human used it that person will die.

Two years after that his uncle Ricter was killed by Asterck krory. which made Allen more angry and only thought of getting his revenge for his family.

how did Allen came across this school?

while Allen was walking in the city he heard a roumer that a student in the school of lost souls have some info about asterck krory so he decided to go and investigate about what he heard.

New Ability

transforming into


“Meta Factor” seed & transformation belt, mounted around waist in transformed state.
“Wiseman’s Orb” relic, fitted onto head in transformed state.
“Gills Claw” talons, protrudes from forearms in transformed state; morphs into Exceed Claw as Exceed Gills.
“Gills Heel Claw” talons, protrudes from heel in transformed state; morphs into Exceed Heel Claw as Exceed Gills.
“Gills Filler” tentacles, protrudes from wrist in transformed state.
“Gills Stinger” tentacles, protrudes from shoulder blades in Exceed Gills form.
"Demon Fang Crusher"

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PostSubject: Re: new character Allen Belmont   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:31 pm

Awsome application.

. Accepted .
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new character Allen Belmont
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