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 Eric Wayne (Micaela)

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PostSubject: Eric Wayne (Micaela)   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:46 pm

Name: Eric Wayne

Nickname: Rikki

Age: Infinate (She was born with the new Universe) Appears to be about 20

Gender: Female

Race: Crusnik


Personality: Eric is quite a strange little number. She acts like a blonde bimbo most of the time. A creature wouldn't think she had enough common sense or brains to dress herself each morning. She asks simply questions, and is fastinated by shinny things, especially swords and spears. She likes to see how sharp they are. She treas battles with a playful manner, and often things her appoinent is "Hitting On Her" when they're just trying to hit her. She often uses granduous hand gestures when she talks, and giggles often. Underneath this facade is a very intelligent killer. She lives for the thrill of the kill. She often does things on impulse and hardly every gets mad. She loves to drink and can hold her alcahol with the best of them, though it does make her more giddy as she drinks. It is said her every time she kills, a strand of her hair turned red.

Bio: Eric's origin is unknown. Where she came from or why she's currently on Earth is something only she can answer. She seems to be here for the fun of it, but things are never that simple when it comes to her. She's claims to be attending The School Of Lost Souls because she wants to meet new creatures. She stumbled onto the school website when she was just randomly surfing online one night, and appiled the next morning. her only weapon is the leather gloves she wears. Eric is a huge fan of DC and MARVEL comics. She even stole Batman's last name cause she's such a huge fan.
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Darcy Willows.
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PostSubject: Re: Eric Wayne (Micaela)   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:33 am

ACCEPTED cool idea.
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Eric Wayne (Micaela)
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