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 squall leonhart

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PostSubject: squall leonhart   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:58 am

Name:squall leonhart
Personality:he is a nice and caring person who stands alone on a battle field most of the time.he loves to fight and loves to give himself a challenge.he could be a caring and helpful person if he would only talk to others. he hardly talks to anyone
Bio:squall came from a family that could barily pay for anything but his parents were the nicest people in the world.he grew up comfortably if you could call it the age of 11 his parents were killed by two vampires.he has never trusted vampires she lived in the wild for twelve years,running from vampires and demons all the while running from demons and vampires. in order to stay alive he stole a gunblade from one of the towns he was in and mastered how to use it. also during this time he learned he had angelic abilities. on his twenty-third birthday squall came to this school thinking he could be safe here
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squall leonhart
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