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 Darcy Willows

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Darcy Willows.
Darcy Willows.

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PostSubject: Darcy Willows   Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:05 pm

Name: Darcy Willows

Age: 16

Gender: Female

nickname: Darky, Nova.

Race: Vampire, pureblood.

Powers: Basic vampire powers - speed, telekinesis and mind reading
heightened power - ice and water control

Appearance: She has long black hair, with dark eyes and pale skin. She has an emo look, wearing skirts t-shirts and socks, with boots or skinny jeans.

Personality: She is very secretive, she will only reveal information about her self if it matters to her to do so. Otherwise, she is a warm person but fiercely protective of those close to her. She doesn't reveal much about herself preferring to leave you guessing, she always has a mystery about her.

Bio: Darcy's parents were loving and protective of their precious daughter, but where killed when she was six years old. She was placed in the care of guardians but they were all called to some unknown war and she was left alone. No foster family would take her so she was sent here to control who she is. She has a very close friend whom she has known since she was a child, she is fiercely protective over her even though she is younger than her, they know everything about one another's past but won't reveal anything about each other. Darcy was made a prefect at the headmasters request after her high test results brought the school into recognition. She spends most of her time in her room. She is adept in martial arts, has powers of a vampire but chooses not to reveal them unless it is vital she does also very academic.

She was raised from the age of six by a demon who had chosen to reject his family for her.
~Pure blood Vampire, trying to survive~
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Darcy Willows
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