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 Soiree {Death Wish}

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PostSubject: Soiree {Death Wish}   Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:29 pm

Name: Soiree
Nicknames: Fang King; Death Wish
Age: Unknown
Visual Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Chigami {First of his kind}{Meaning 'Blood God'}

Personality: He is a very kind person in the public. Such as the 'perfect' kindest person to be alive but whenever alone, he is such a cruel being. A two-face. Soiree can be sadistically crazy for a blood lust at times but only when he is founded out of his true nature. Unlike all he is always acting. Able to preserve and keep his emotions under his control.

Bio: First off, he has lost his memories to even recall such memory of his past. Yet he knows what he is. A Chigami. Born out of the Fallen Angel category. Soiree had broken the commands of his God and broke the rules by falling in love with a mortal. As punishment for his crimes of lusts Soiree was banished from heaven and was thrown into the Earth once again. To be enslaved with the humans and Earth for all eternity. Unfortunately he was already losing his patience with these boundaries of a angel. Without thinking twice he tore off his wings in exchange for power. This power had changed him. Unlike all equal sacrifices his was unbalanced. Causing corruptions and misguidance throughout this soul's life. Soiree was no longer who he once was. A kind gentle being turning into a monster far more cruel then Demons, Vampires of all sorts, and Humans themselves.

This person had turned his back on God and the Devil. Living a life of such unwanted reasons to exist. Yes, Soiree had attempted suicide but was unable to die, nor can anyone can kill him. There is a way to kill a Chigami and that's to drain out their entire blood frm their bodies, even the last drop or it wouldn't work. Yet this is still unknown. And like Vampires, Soiree as well needs blood to keep his strength up. Soiree has no other weakness for such great powers. Now he stays at this very school. To be unknown and very trickster-like to deceive all students by being a kind person when in reality he is not.

Abilities of benefits

1.Demonic Transfer - Will have a human turn into a demon with a special weapon until they are dead or purified with a spell contained in a spell book. The weapon cannot leave the host or they will lose their powers. Using this Soiree will become weak for a week.

2.Slither - A tattoo on the demon/human/vampire that protects them only from purity powers. Only usable 5 times a day. Will wear off if used over 9 times in one day. Using this Soiree will become useless for the next 3 hours since he is not one to protect others.

4. Heal - Soiree can heal his comrades or himself for the cost of some of his own life. As he heals himself or another living thing he will bleed from any opening of spaces like eyes, mouth, ear, nose, forehead, and etc.

5. The Devil's Mirror - Soiree is able to copy such any ability and use it on his own whenever as the cost of his own blood little by little for each usage.

6. Bone Manipulation - Has only used it once. With this he can change his structure and transform himself into another person only. Only meant to be used once a year at a certain percussion with his auras. Like if he over uses his powers into overdrive he has to do this to make himself stable.

7.Wind Manipulation - Is able to control the wind in any manner he pleases to.

8. Blood Manipulation - Once in a day he is able to create weapons from his own blood that resembles from Hell and or Heaven.

9. Triggers - A type of fire only he can produce. Yet all at different levels of use. Ranking them actually.
~L1~ A green fire that can burn a bit hotter than usual fire.
~L2~ A purple fire that can melt through metal in a few seconds.
~L3~ A white fire that can melt iron and almost any type of metal.
~L4~ A crimson color, he is able to use blood as fire. Leaving up to lava level.
~L5~ A blue color of flames, said to burn for seven days and seven night nonstop. To be hotter than the sun itself. When he is forced to use this level he will become very blood thirsty.

10. Teleportation - Ten can teleport through any object as long if he knows where he is going. Yet he can only do this by using the wind. Without wind he cannot.
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PostSubject: Re: Soiree {Death Wish}   Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:38 pm

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Soiree {Death Wish}
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