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 Travis[Son of Hades]

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PostSubject: Travis[Son of Hades]   Sun May 03, 2009 5:58 pm

Full Demon Side-
Natural Demon Side-
Personality:Travis has a quite evil side,often showing a side of lust.He has virtually no kindness,him not capable of such an emotion,but is possible to be altered[Will break into that later].
Bio:Travis was the Son of the Greek God Hades,whom implanted the seed of a Demon inside that of a mortal women[The same act that God did to bring Jesus into the Mortal Plain].Travis was born as a normal child,but progressed into a Demon after birth.He seemed to inhabit dark powers,such which he used whenever angered...which happend alot!Travis has been living a long time,living for many centuries,and later moved over to the School.He went there because he had been sentenced to exile,which...had to be school!!

Dark Powers:

Teleportation-Travis may utilize his dark powers in order to teleport to known locations,usually able to go to the Underworld,but lost that right.

Fire Manipulation-Travis may manipulate flames from her body,using it for his own destructive purposes.

Force Manipulation-Travis may manipulate force/gravity to push or pull enemies.
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PostSubject: Re: Travis[Son of Hades]   Sun May 03, 2009 6:00 pm

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Travis[Son of Hades]
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