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 Melina Valantine [HYBRID]

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PostSubject: Melina Valantine [HYBRID]   Mon May 18, 2009 11:25 am

Name: Melina Valantine

Nickname: Melina

Age: Unknown

Race: Démon / Vampire


Story: As a child Melina was abandoned and left to die. She was found and raised by demons in a forest. She doesn’t know her true identity and is searching for her long lost parents to find out who she is. Her mother was rumoured to be a pureblood vampire and her father was a high lord of the demons but was exiled on suspect of treason. She has been chased all around the globe by hunters of various species wanted for her rare race.

Personality: Split personality. Her attitude basically varies depending on the person she’s interacting with.


1.) Ice- She can melt it

2.) Short range combat.



1.) Long range combat.

Abilities/ Powers:

(Has all normal abilities of a normal vampire and demon.)

1.) She practiced a range of southern Chinese kung fu fighting styles. Such as ‘Wing Chun’ and ‘Hung Gar’.

2.) Manipulates light around her making her seem invisible.

3.) Self healer. Depending on the wound she can heal it in a fast amount of time.
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Melina Valantine [HYBRID]
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